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Inbound 2022 - All about community

Written by Emily Sanchez

Inbound 2022 was full of great speakers and had a variety of sessions covering a wide range of topics. The theme of the conference was community, and throughout the whole conference, each session touched on the importance of community, trust, and hard work.

Ringers love a good photo wall experience

Going into the week, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hoping to at least learn a few marketing tips and tricks that I could immediately implement to help our clients achieve their goals. I was blown away by how much more I took away from this experience.

One session that stood out to me the most was “Email Marketing Tips: Do This, Not That” by Jay Schwedelson. Schwedelson is the founder of and is the current CEO of Outcome Media. He’s a captivating and rather unconventional speaker – his slides included references to Bachelor in Paradise and more memes than I could count. To say he had everyone’s attention is an understatement. Jay’s session did more than compile the best moments from The Office; he shares a ton of data-backed insights about email marketing, giving us tips on how to improve open rates, CTR, and overall email performance. He covered everything from how to make subject lines more intriguing, to the best content to have in the copy of the email. It was a fast-paced session filled with a lot of laughs and, more importantly, tangible takeaways that I can use with our email marketing programs.

^Here's an example of a slide from Jay's presentation 👏 👏 👏 Hats off to Jay - we love a good Office meme.

Out of the spotlight sessions I attended, two speakers that stuck out to me most were Jane Goodall and Barack Obama. While they were not necessarily speaking on the topic of marketing, they were both very inspiring and talked about how technology continued to change how humans interact on a day-to-day basis. Both also touched on the importance of society coming together to combat some of the issues we face as a global community, such as climate change. When it comes to climate change, both Goodall and Obama noted the severity and crisis that the current world is in, but also noted that it is not too late, and there is hope with the future generations that we can slow down or reverse the effects of climate change if the appropriate action is taken.

Inbound taught me a lot, not only about marketing, but also about the importance of community and trust in business. It was also fun spending time with my Three Rings team, being able to attend sessions with them, and having team lunches and dinners together. Is it time for Inbound 2023 yet?!


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