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About Three Rings

A fearless agency with top-tier talent, Three Rings is always driving forward and pushing the envelope in B2B tech communications.

And we have fun in the process.

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Who we are

Three Rings was founded on the idea that B2B tech companies need more than just the status quo when it comes to marketing and PR. Our founders are veteran marketing and communications professionals who have seen enough to know that the traditional agency engagement model can't keep pace with how modern marketing organizations operate.


Their solution: Three Rings, a dynamic agency oriented around the client and meeting their specific business needs through integrated, customizable PR, digital marketing and content services. No red tape necessary.


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Doug Broad


"We've been doing this long enough to know relationships are what matter - specifically, our relationships with our employees and clients. We take on our clients' challenges as if they're our own, and we thrive when our clients treat us as part of their team. That's why we have so many repeat clients - they know we'll deliver."

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Lisa Paglia


"The key to running a successful agency begins and ends with the team, without question. Three Rings is no exception. Our team will always be our first priority, because we know if they feel supported, fulfilled and appreciated, they'll, in turn, deliver the best possible service to our clients."

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Andy Murphy


"The first thing we decided when we started Three Rings was we would live by the 'no a**hole' policy. We won't work with them, and we won't hire them. We say it in every pitch and every interview, and we mean it. We're committed to creating the most positive experience for everyone in the Three Rings family."

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