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Five years, Three Rings, one new brand

When it comes to celebrating milestones, we’re believers in the “go big or go home” approach. And in this case, we're going BIG, because this month marks the agency’s five-year anniversary! That’s five whole years of collaborating on creative campaigns with amazing clients, growing and developing a diverse team that is second to none, and embracing the speed and innovation that is B2B tech PR and marketing.

If you know anyone on our team, you know we’re typically a pretty humble crowd (or maybe not, if we just said we're humble...hmmm). But today we’re celebrating, and that means taking a moment to brag about some pretty stellar stats. In the last five years, we’ve:

Did we mention five years of stellar holiday parties?
  • Partnered with 50+ B2B clients, from seed-round start-ups to the Fortune 100

  • Supported a range of tech and industries, like cybersecurity, cloud, fintech, electric vehicles, satellites, AI, biotech, etc.

  • Grown to 22 employees across 7 states

  • Launched global integrated campaigns generating almost 100K MQLs

  • Written 500+ press releases; created 36K+ social posts; and built more infographics, videos and other visual assets than we can recall

  • AND in the last two years, we’ve grown our revenue 74%

That’s a lot of growth for five short years! And while it’s fun to look back and revel in everything we’ve accomplished, we’re most excited about what’s ahead for Three Rings and our team. To that end, you might notice things look a bit different around here…

As we celebrate five years in business, we felt it was only right to refresh our brand to reflect who we are today and what makes Three Rings so special. Our new look and feel underlines our creative spirit and bold approach to PR and marketing while reinforcing our customizable client services. Every engagement is made up of the same core activities but our approach for each client is unique to the needs of their business. But don’t worry, behind our new look is the same Boston attitude that our clients know and love us for.

We never could have imagined that five years (and one pandemic) could have landed us here. A heartfelt thank you to all our clients who challenge us, motivate us and always make our day-to-day such an incredible adventure. And we’re obsessed with our team of creative, hard-working Ringers who show up every morning ready to dive in and embrace the thrill of agency life. We appreciate you all so much, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us over the next five years.


Andy, Doug, and Lisa


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